I'm Eddy

I've been in and around photography for a long time. But until now, most of my work has been private with meaning and memories that are important to me. Along the way, I've captured a few images that others, besides friends and family, have come to enjoy where the image brings meaning outside of what I could have imagined. I look for different ways to look at common things, things we take for granted, things you may walk or drive by and present them in a new perspective. I look to capture a moment, a splash of color, a single focus that shows it's beauty.

... and now, I'm looking for more opportunities to share those experiences with others. One on one Portrait sessions, retainer work, or other freelance photography assignments. Of course you are free to browse my inventory of images and make one your own. And before you ask ... yes, I do love to capture images of horses and the strength and beauty they present.

Reach out and let's talk!

The Process

Man pushing a Cart in the Rain on a Dock in Alaska

Want to connect?

While I do both freelance and retainer work, I'm open to most any project. We can talk to see if there's a match.

What are you thinking?
Blurred image showing a train in Motion, Alaska

Figure it out

What is it you want? A specific photo, capture a moment? capture a mood? Let's figure it out.

How Can I Help?
Blurred image of a trainman working on a line, Alaska

Make it Happen

If we find that we're the right match and we can make the vision, the thing, the moment happen, let's work together and bring it to life.

Bring it to life